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Let me be your cheerleader!

As more publicity and marketing responsibility is transferred from publishing houses to authors themselves, authors are often left to scramble and become PR professionals on top of published authors. Using my eleven years of book publicity experience, I will educate and empower authors to grow their platforms, make meaningful connections with media, and promote their work.

Image by Annie Spratt


You are not alone on this journey

Whether you are looking for a dedicated publicist to create and execute a full publicity campaign for your book or you are searching for your next steps now that you've sold your book, I offer a range of services created to empower authors to secure the attention their book deserves.


Eleven Years of Trade Book Publicity Experience

I am able to craft tailor-made publicity campaigns for you and your authors, help develop and execute Influencer programs, and educate your authors on how to grow their platforms and advocate for their work.

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