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“Hayes Publicity has been a lifesaver. Mallory is brilliant and creative in the ways she seeks out opportunities for her authors. Having someone explain publishing, provide comprehensive plans of action, and be a shoulder to cry on is an investment in my future and career that I will make over and over again.”

Kristin Dwyer, author of Some Mistakes Were Made

"I had been in the reeds with my first self-published book, trying to figure out everything on my own, so it was such a joy to have Mallory on my team for my second. She knows the ins and outs of building a publicity campaign, and helped me with the pacing, organization, and outreach. She also had many great contacts and suggestions for people and publications to reach out to for endorsements and interviews. But perhaps most importantly, she was empathetic and encouraging, cheering me on every step of the way, and reminding me to take breaks and not burn out in the process. I will be recommending her to all my friends!"

Jessica Kantrowitz, author of Good Morning Friends, The Long Night, Blessings for a Long Night and 365 Days of Peace

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